Dining Room Specials

~Chef Robert’s Special Creations~


The Kitchen Always Has Two Delicious Home Made Soups For You To Enjoy, Made From Scratch With All Fresh Ingredients

 “Chicken-Pepperoni Parm Panini”

with side salad $8.99

 “North Jersey Sloppy Joe

roast turkey, ham, swiss, pickles, coleslaw Russian dressing on rye bread with fries


Grilled Chicken Bruschetta Salad

with baby greens, tomato bruschetta, croutons, parmsan, pesto vinaigrette


“Veggie Frittata”

roasted veggies, country style eggs, smoked gouda, spinach salad


“Bacon-BBQ Burger”

our 8 oz burger topped with BBQ onions, cheddar cheese, crispy bacon, fries


 ”BLT Wrap”

Bacon, tomato, lettuce, mayo, chopped eggs, mayo


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