March Madness Shootout Course Closed to regular play

NCAA Tourney Shootout   Saturday March 26th

9am Shotgun

$55 entry fee includes lunch and prizes

Rules of Play

Preferred Lies everywhere.  Lift, clean and replace anywhere on the course including bunkers.  You may not move the ball in a penalty area.   

  • Combined Net score (with handicap 90%) of partners match play for 6 holes against each team in your POD.  Schedule below.
  • PODS will shotgun from the same hole.  After the 6 hole match they stop and switch teams for next match
  • The 3 Matches will be noted on the scorecard and should be discussed with the POD beforehand  
  • You earn point for every hole won and a half point for every hole you tie
  • At the completion of the 3 matches the team with the most points wins the POD
  • Process for ties:  1. head to head match, 2. Chip off (combined distance)
  • POD winners will be seeded into a bracket of 8 according to points won, then holes won, then blind draw.
  • The 2 teams with the highest point total in the matches but not winning a POD will earn a wild card and be seeded 7 and 8.
  • Complete shootout rules will be explained prior to teeing off.   Holes 1, 9 and 18 will be used for the shootout.


                Match 1      Match 2         Match 3

POD 1 Holes 1-6 Holes 7-12 Holes 13-18
POD 2 Holes 3-8 Holes 9-14 Holes 15-2
POD 3 Holes 5-10 Holes 11-16 Holes 17-4
POD 4 Holes 6-11 Holes 12-17 Holes 18-5
POD 5 Holes 7-12 Holes 13-18 Holes 1-6
POD 6 Holes 9-14 Holes 15-2 Holes 3-8

Lunch will be served after 18 holes and the shootout will begin at 150pm.


Mar 26 2022


9am Shotgun
9:00 am - 3:00 pm